About Susie and Sam

Susie and Sam at the Barrow, Alaska Arch. The Arctic Ocean is in the background

Since 2005 we have traveled every summer. We also take advantage of traveling when family events take us out of the country. This travel has taken us over 162,000 miles, the majority driving, but also by ship, ferry and plane. We plan on continuing to travel every summer and whenever an opportunity arises to see new parts of the world.

We are using WordPress for our blog and it is linked to our Website, wiredtotheworld.net. We are at the beginning of the learning curve on WordPress, so there may be some hiccups. We hope they will not be significant or frequent. We look forward to receiving comments from you during our travels.

Our subscription to TravePod, our previous blog host was cancelled by us because of continuing problems with readers ability to post comments and the the publisher’s unkept promises to correct them. We plan to incorporate the contents of that blog into this one in the future.