It’s Not Raining

This morning we woke up to clear blue skies… a chance to get to what we missed yesterday. But first, we met with cousin Susan and part of her family for brunch. Thus began a frustrating morning. The restaurant where we were to meet her is a seven minute drive, but!! This is the 4th of July weekend and the city had its parade down Market Street. As we approached Market Street, we found all the cross streets blocked by police vehicles. We asked a couple of officers how we could get to our destination which is across the street from Busch Stadium. The instructions provided by the police officers sent us around in circles and we finally wound up on the Interstate and took it to our destination… total travel time was over 30 minutes.

Next frustration… I wanted to get back to the hotel before heading back to Cahokia. Guess what… no way without going back to New York and turning around. After some more bad advice from police officers, we decided to go to Cahokia. Because the nearest Interstate entrance that would take us across the Mississippi was blocked, we had to go quite bit west of downtown so that we could go east. Eventually we made it to Cahokia.

We parked next to Monks Mound and I walked 100 feet up the stairs to get to the top of the mound. Susie did not join me because of her knee. I finally got to see the view from the highest point in Cahokia.

Monks Mound viewed from the east.
The 100 plus stairs leading to the top of Monks Mound
View South from the top of Monks Mound
View east from Monks Mound. The structure is a reconstructed segment of the Palisade that enclosed the central section of Chokia
Woodhenge is a reconstruction of one of several calendars that were used to determine the changing seasons and special dates
Gateway viewed from Monks Mound (using 400mm lens). The distance is about 9 miles.

After leaving we went back to the hotel… the streets were finally open. I left Susie in the hotel and walked to the Gateway Arch. I spent about twenty minutes taking pictures and headed back to the hotel. With crowds in the area of the Arch I didn’t even try to get into the Arch and ride to the top… maybe next time.

The Old Courthouse with the Gateway Arch behind it
Old Courthouse as seen from the Gateway Arch
Gateway Arch from as close as I could get to it because of construction activity
Eads Bridge crossing the Mississippi
A riverboat that carries tourists on excursions on the river
Old Post Office building
Orphium Theater

In the evening we met cousin Susan and her daughter Lauren and granddaughters for dinner. We had a great time getting to know our newfound cousins in St Louis.